Tahsin Ceylan who began to deal with underwater sports in 1986 by Life Saving and First Aid trainings, received many courses from a great variety of worldwide known organizations covering mainly Scuba Diving, Underwater Search & Rescue Techniques, diving in various water environments and conditions. Currently he is certified as World Underwater Federation (CMAS) / Turkish Underwater Sports Federation (TSSF) 3 Star Diving Instructor and Course Director, PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Emergency First Response Instructor and acts as the Head of TSSF Consulting Committee. He has been acting as an instructor since 1990 on Scuba Diving, Underwater Search & Rescue and First Aid fields. Presently Tahsin Ceylan is carrying out his training courses covering Underwater Search & Rescue, First Aid fields for Ankara Fire Brigade, various governmental and public organizations. As of April 25th of 2009 Tahsin Ceylan began to act as program consultant, and underwater photography/videography director for the series of "Mavi Tutku" (Blue Passion).

Tahsin Ceylan who is an active underwater photographer since 1994 and underwater videographer since 1997 had performed innumerable dives in Red Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Turkish territorial and inland waters for imaging purposes. Though mainly focused on the flora, fauna and archeological heritage located underwater all around Turkey Tahsin Ceylan's archive contains a great variety of still and video images which is not limited to Turkey.

Apart being a member of the editorial boards of the Sualtı Dunyası, Marine Photo, Sky Life, Deniz Magazin, Vira and Sahil Güvenlik magazines Tahsin Ceylan has many published photographs and biological, ecological articles in these magazines. In addition to the above mentioned magazines he is writing travel, biology and ecology articles for the Cumhuriyet newspaper. The Mediterranean Seal which is on the brink of extinction is photographed underwater for the first time in Turkey by Tahsin Ceylan. His photographs of the fresh water turtles which were shot at the Kesikköprü Dam lake which were covered in a paper presented at the World Herpetology Congress in 1997 was awarded first place. The photo which was awarded first place also made it to the cover of the EMYS Science Magazine that is published in Europe in 1998. The seahorse photo named as "Princess" which was taken by him in Kaş, Antalya - Turkey was awarded for Special Jury Prize in the Seahorses of the World Contest (US) in 2005. Princess was also exhibited in London during April-June 2007 as one of the ten best seahorse photos taken.

Tahsin Ceylan who started to participate in national/international underwater photography contests in 1995, received a total of 74 awards on various photography categories in addition to those 18 underwater video footage awards of national/international underwater video imaging contests which he began to participate in 1999. So far Tahsin Ceylan had staged 8 personal underwater photography exhibitions which were named as "Mavi derinliklerin Gizemi" (Mystery of the Blue Depths) (4 times), "Sualtından Türkye" (Turkey by Underwater) (3 times) and "Denizin Ruhu" (Spirit of The Sea) (once).

Tahsin Ceylan who was born in Dicle, Diyarbakir in 1959 defines the most important moment of his underwater photography career and his style as follows;

"As an underwater photographer the most exhilarating moment for me was that of the time I shot the photographs of the seahorse which I named as "Princess". I simply don't think that I would be able to shot another photograph such fascinating as this one. I think this is what can be defined as; "Live once and remember forever". Another unforgettable moment in my life is the moment that I had the chance to photograph the Mediterranean Seal at Kaş, Antalya.

I believe that photography is not purely related to the gear you use, good gear for sure means a lot, but that is not all. In my point of view it is crucial to capture the scene that you imagined and created in your mind with your heart and soul. According to my belief the heart and soul behind the camera defines the final result. This has always been like this in my whole life. My soul has always been purified in the blue."

I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to Prof. Dr. Şükran Cirik, Doç. Dr. Murat Bilecenoğlu, Yrd. Doç. Dr. Baki Yokeş and to Dr. Bület Gözcelioğlu, for their invaluable scientific contribution to this web site.